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What is SCROLL?

SCROLL is a top of the line number cruncher that uses surveys and forms to get data.

SCROLL for schools strips away the complexity in favour of ease of use: we've left the difficult bits behind the scenes so that school administrators can get on with the job of running the school.

So, whether you're polling parents about packed lunches, or wondering how best to collate this year's admissions SCROLL for schools can help.

What does it do?

SCROLL for schools starts off by packaging a multitude of common forms and enquiries into a simple, accessible format that's ready to use.

At its simplest all you've got to do is select the right template for the job, decide who you want to send it to (or you can link to it on your website) and the information comes rolling in.

To get started, why not browse the template library.


SCROLL for schools does what it says on the tin. Collects your data, runs the numbers, delivers results.

It conforms to the UK Government Digital Service's design principles to ensure you reach your users and get the most out of your enquiry. SCROLL for schools has the features that deliver.

On PC, tablet or mobile, SCROLL for schools just works.